The Employability Test

SEET Skill evaluation and employability test, is a platform to assess the candidates from all educational background and provide a comprehensive report on various aspects such as aptitude, engineering, management, finance, general awareness and most important psychological behaviour. The SEET is conducted in a proctored environment to ensure the authenticity of the score obtained by the candidates.

The Akily Advantage

Job Advantage

  • Akily helps students and prospective job seekers to connect with the companies and opens up the world of new opportunities for them. Through our partner companies, we help job seekers, through our partner companies, to find jobs which suit their strengths and personality. The SEET score is used by our partner companies as a standard score to recruit young talents. SEET brings the test takers from all the colleges, universities and other eligible job seekers on one platform and the only criteria to evaluate the candidates is the SEET score. Our partner companies represent multiple industries such as IT, electronics, software, semiconductors and manufacturing. So become a SEET certified professional and explore tremendous job opportunities.
Self Assessment

Self Assessment

  • Akily helps all the prospective job seekers to evaluate their strengths and understand their personality in an effective manner. We help candidates to evaluate if their strengths and personality and decide the industry they are fit for. With the help of SEET reports, the candidate can evaluate your industry readiness for a challenging career. SEET score helps the candidate to compare themselves with their friends and colleagues who are looking out for a similar opportunity in the industry. Through SEET aptitude test candidates can assess your quantitative analysis, logical reasoning, critical reasoning, data sufficiency abilities and through SEET psychometric test candidates can evaluate their behavioural patterns which are important for the industry.

Comprehensive Test Report

  • SEET provides candidates a comprehensive report which will increase the horizon of evaluating themselves. Akily’s SEET aptitude report consists of performance on different sections such as quantitative analysis, logical reasoning, data analysis, verbal reasoning and many other aspects and the psychometric test provides an in depth analysis of behavioural patterns which industry is looking for in a prospective employee.
Improvement Directions

Improvement Directions

  • Akily’s SEET reports provides strengths and points for improvements in tested areas of aptitude and psychometric. With the help of improvement directions provided in the report candidates can emerge as a much worthy candidate who is industry ready and would possess all the professional skills the industry is looking for in a prospective employee.

About Akily

Akily is India’s fastest growing assessment and employability test platform with a motive to create large pool of talents assessed and certified by Akily in all fields of education. Akily’s mission includes but not limited to the following:

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