1. Where does the company conduct the assessment?
  2. Akily conducts the assessments both at College campuses and Akily test centres. The test site depends on the number of candidates to be accessed and the availability of Akily test center in the region.

  3. All the tests are online or offline??
  4. All Akily tests are supposed to be conducted online. In exceptional cases where the internet access is not there, we would deploy the offline version of the tests but still it would be technology (computer) based and will be paperless.

  5. Will there be a charge for the candidates for taking assessments??
  6. Taking the assessment test will come at a very minimal cost for the candidates.

  7. If the candidate is not satisfied with the test, can he reappear for the test??
  8. After taking a test, a candidate can only re-appear for the test again after 3 months.

  9. What would be the eligibility criteria to take the assessment test?
  10. At present, the SEET is designed for engineering graduates seeking employment in the different industries. In near future, SEET will be extended to MBA graduates, other undergraduates and other master degree holders seeking employment.

  11. Will the candidates be assessed for particular industry??
  12. SEET aptitude and psychometric test design will be based on candidate’s education. For example SEET for engineers will be different from SEET for MBAs and SEET for other undergraduates. Domain specific tests will be defined based on industry or company requirements.

  13. What kind of industry SEET is suitable for??
  14. SEET is suitable for a range of industries such as Electronics and semiconductor Industry, IT industry, embedded, mechanical industries, automotive industries, energy and power, Software development companies, BPOs, KPOs , consumer electronics, retail, manufacturing industries. Akily partners with a range of industries, not limited to the above mentioned, to help them select suitable candidatesthrough SEET.

  15. Will SEET be different for each partner company?
  16. Depending on the partner requirement, SEET can be a standard test or a specific test. If a standard test, our partners will use the SEET database to choose the right candidates.

  17. What will be the mode of payment for SEET??
  18. Candidates can pay either by cash or directly to Akily bank account. After the payment, candidates should write an email from the registered email id mentioning the transaction Id. The account information is given as follows: